Here goes!


Wow, this is intimidating. For someone whose biggest fear is the phrase “now we’ll go round the room and everyone can introduce themselves”, starting a blog is absolutely terrifying. But, writing is something I enjoy so I’ve finally pushed myself to let other people read things that normally remain as notes in my phone before being discarded every 2 years when I upgrade my contract. “So, why now?” I hear you ask, well the honest answer is I don’t know. I’ve blogged on and off over the years (they’ve all now been deleted so don’t bother googling), but I recently found myself out of work for various reasons and so finally had the time to put pen to paper, or, more accurately, qwerty keyboard to Microsoft Word. Now, with some gentle encouragement from friends I’m putting Word to WordPress, and I’m quite scared if I’m honest.

At this point I should probably say a bit about who I am and what this blog is going to be, but unfortunately the answer to both of those topics is that I don’t know. I’m 24, I live in a small village in the North East with my boyfriend, I have a Criminology degree and have had a variety of jobs in the last few years; most of which have involved working with some very twisted criminals so that gave me plenty of funny stories if all other blog topics fail (every cloud and all that). As for the blog, that remains to be seen. A friend who is already an avid blogger, and a very good one come to that, told me to just start writing about what I enjoy and that will help to establish myself, so that’s what I’m going for. I don’t have many posts mapped out yet, but if I’m going by things I enjoy then you can probably expect a nice mixture of books, anecdotes about my dog, left wing feminist rants, Bake Off, the Downton Abbey movie, food and the perils of living with a man. If any of those topics appeal to you, please stay tuned, and if they don’t appeal to you then please just close this tab and we’ll say no more about it.

Here goes!


One thought on “Here goes!

  1. I’m so glad you started blogging here on WordPress. Thanks for being honest and sharing your blogging experience in the past and how you’ve now decided to go forward with it here. I am looking forward to your posts!


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